We have all seen it advertised before; free apps to catch cheaters right on their own cell phone. This type of advertising for iPhone spy apps or Android spy apps are often centered on those who want to catch a cheating spouse or significant other. It is no secret that we have all seen free apps to catch cheaters advertised, and many people actually consider using this app to catch cheating spouses or a cheating husband. The ability to spy on your spouse or significant other is an enticing prospect and one of the many things that makes these advertisements so appealing. While it is true that there are apps to catch a cheating boyfriend or a cheating girlfriend, it is not true when you see these apps advertised for free.

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Apps to Catch Cheaters – Cheating Girlfriend Apps & Cheating Boyfriend Apps

Unfortunately for those who have seen ads for free apps to catch cheaters, this is a spam. While you can spy on your spouse, the programs needed to do so are not free, they are sophisticated software programs that you will have to pay to use. There are no free apps to catch cheaters that will actually spy on another person’s cell phone activity. This is why if you want to know how to catch a cheater, you will need to invest in a cell phone spy software program that will help you do this the right way.

If your looking for a spy app for Android or an iPhone spy app or even a blackberry spy app, you should look at these tested and proven Apps to Catch Cheaters listed below:

Next time you see one of those ads for free apps to catch cheaters, you need to ignore it. Instead you will need to download and pay for a reputable application that will actually help you find out how to catch a cheater and that will allow you to monitor all of your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend’s cell phone activity. This is a completely safe solution, if you download a quality program while those free apps to catch cheaters will do nothing but leave you with viruses.

The apps that you actually pay for and that will actually help you monitor another persons cell phone activities are not free apps to catch cheaters, but they can help you catch someone cheating by:

  • Allowing you to monitor their call logs and to see who they are calling and when.
  • Permitting you to access their voicemail to listen to voicemail messages, even deleted ones.
  • Admitting you to read their text messages and to see who they are texting and what they are texting about.
  • Enabling you to see their web browsing history on their phone.
  • Allowing you to record calls if you need them as evidence.

While a quality mobile spy application may not be the advertised free apps to catch cheaters, the affordable price you pay for these applications will let you catch someone in the act of being dishonest. Instead of wondering if your spouse or significant other is cheating on you, get the answers you are looking for with a quality mobile spy app you pay for.

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